It is interesting to note the wide range and diversity of the ‘backgrounds’ of solar installation companies in Adelaide. We have noticed many companies with certainly not a ‘solar’ background moving into the S.A. solar industry. Examples of this are companies (without naming names) that have a background in, for example, shower screen installation, roofing services, electrical wholesalers and even ‘time-share’ accommodation. This may seem a little curious to you and it certainly did to us. On closer examination the common factor amongst these companies is that they all have strong sales forces or at least have experiencing in marketing their products and services. Is this cause for concern? Possibly. Whilst some of these companies may well offer quality advice on solar power in Adelaide and how best to maximise returns from solar, there are without doubt some companies who are riding the wave of popularity of solar power, following Federal Government and S.A. State Government incentives on offer. As discussed on the home page if you are contemplating solar power for your home it is definitely a case of doing your research not only on the technology, financial benefits and costs and Government incentives, but also on the solar installation company you are talking to.