Very interesting to read reports suggesting that since the very significant ‘over investment’ in solar p.v. panel production in China over the last 4 years (largely as a result of the Chinese Governments spending response to the G.F.C.) , that this has resulted in some of the major Chinese solar panel manufacturers heading into financial difficulty to the point where bankruptcies may be possible.  By the end of 2013 there is expected to be more than 60 Giga Watts of solar p.v. manufacturing capacity in China which is more than 12 times what it was just 4 years ago. Good news you say? Well it seems not – the U.S. and EU are complaining of unfair pricing and ‘dumping’ by the Chinese solar panel manufacturers in an attempt to move product. Prices have been forced down to the point where major solar manufacturers may no longer be viable and unable to repay loans issued doing the G.F.C.  Looking at some of the stock prices and stock charts of  listed Chinese p.v. (photo-voltaic) manufacturers on the New York stock exchange tends to add weight to the case that some of these companies may be in trouble – there stock prices are, in some cases less than a fifth what they were 3 or 4 years ago!

Why is this important for Potential Adelaide Solar Power Customers? 

The upside to this over capacity of course has been that solar panel prices are 70% of the prices they were a few years back, in many cases. However, should some of these companies ‘fail’ then support and warranty issues for Adelaide home owners with these companies solar panels installed on their roofs may come into play.

20 October 2012 – Federal Government and Opposition Approach to Solar Panels

Interesting to note that whilst the Federal Labor Government has been pushing for elimination of  state solar feed in tariff’s (with Victoria the most recent State to cut their solar feed tariff) as they are viewed as being ‘unfair’ by many in that other ‘non-solar’ electricity consumers are claimed to ‘subsidise’ those home owners with roof top solar power installation. Quite surprisingly, the Liberal Party (note – we have no affiliation with either political party – just interested in their views on solar power in Adelaide and around Australia) has announced more than $2.5 billion dollars for solar homes, solar implementation in Schools and communities. The funding is promised over the first 4 years of their first term.

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