Installed Solar Panel Systems Pricing Matrix – Adelaide: October 2017

We took a look at current trends in solar system pricing being offered by Adelaide solar installers this month. It appears that pricing is fairly stable (looking back to March 2017), with, again, most of the price competition being in the 5kW solar system size. Many solar installers promote 5kW systems as being Adelaide solar system pricing - October 2017their ‘standard’ sized system and if prospective customers roofs will accommodate this size system. Given that the relatively ‘standard’ 250 watt solar panel used by Adelaide installers measures, on average. around 1 metre x 1.7 metres, you will require a roof area (remember also that the orientation of the panels, preferably in a northerly or combination east / west direction) or around 34 square metres. How is this calculated?

Roof Area Calculation – 5Kw Solar System

Number of 250 watt solar panels needed to create a 5000 watt (5Kw) solar system = 5000 / 250 = 20 panels.

Roof area taken up by installation of 20 panels = 20 x 1.7 metres squared = 34 square metres.

Caution – Do NOT Buy Solar Systems On Price Alone!

Like everything, buying on price alone is a risky proposition when it comes to buying a solar system in Adelaide. As we stress, time and time again, when purchasing a solar system, it is necessary to think of it as a long term investment. The savings you will make on your power bills (plus the environmental installed solar inverterbenefits) will be mitigated if the system fails to produce the energy it is specified to do over the long term. Likewise, if any of the solar components (panels, inverter, cabling, metering etc) fail and are not backed by enforceable warranties (ie if the manufacturer or Australian distributor of those components goes out of business, for example), then, replacing those components could prove costly – again reducing any savings you would have calculated to make on your electricity bill. The same applies to the quality and longevity of the Adelaide solar installation company that you employ. Check to see what testimonials they have from other clients, what warranties they offer on their installation and how long they have been in business.

Solar System Pricing Matrix – Adelaide – October 2017

Below are indicative prices for installed solar system pricing from 1.5 Kwatt to 5 Kwatt from several Adelaide solar power installers.
Adelaide 1.5 kwatt solar system $1900 – $3900
Adelaide 2.0 kwatt solar system $2400 – $4600
Adelaide 3.0 kwatt solar system   $2800 – $6200
Adelaide 4.0 kwatt solar system   $3600 – $8800
Adelaide 5.0 kwatt solar system   $4500 -$13,000+