The market for solar system installations in Adelaide in January and February (to date) 2016 has been fairly flat and the competition amongst solar installers in Adelaide remains very strong. The decline of the Australian dollar means that solar system prices has risen marginally as the cost of solar panels and inverters has increased due due the local currency depreciation.

S.A. Councils Embrace Solar Power

Several local councils in Adelaide and South Australia are increasingly looking at powering their offices and local government utilities, park lighting and off grid lighting via solar power. There is now a good range of ‘professional quality’ commercial lighting designed for outdoor usage that employ high efficiency lighting powered by solar cells that have an integrated battery backup system on board. Typically these units can be installed in parks and other areas where the expense of running mains (a.c.) power to them is prohibitive so using solar technology keeps the cost down considerably. The on board batteries are charged in the daytime by the solar panels and sophisticated battery charger technology ensures that the battery life is maximised by avoiding  over and under charging. Adelaide local councils have the opportunity to use this technology to install high efficiency, low cost lighting in public areas with minimal expense.