As previously discussed, solar energy storage and in particular the growth in sophisticated solar battery storage units designed to work with residential solar systems remains the area of the solar industry that is attracting the most enquiries and interest. It seems that the federal government sees value and a future for solar battery technology and it has been reported that they are investing in community based solar battery projects with a longer term view to potentially support the rolll out of similar technology around the country.

Solar systems coupled with solar battery units like the Tesla Powerwall mean that the major ‘downfall’ of home solar systems – that is their inability to supply power to the home outside of daylight hours, can now be mitigated. Excess solar energy produced by solar panels during the daytime can be stored in solar battery units and then used to power appliances at night time. Given the popularity of solar power in Adelaide and South Australia, coupled with S.A.’s  long standing record of developing new technologies it would be hoped that local companies could take advantage of the federal governments new ‘innovation statement’ to design, develop and build solar energy storage devices locally to take advantage of the likely surge in demand for these units over the next decade.