With over 1,000,000 homes around Australia now having solar power systems, it is interesting to ┬ánote that businesses in Adelaide have been relatively low in solar panel uptake. This is surprising in that solar can be very beneficial for some businesses in that, at least for the majority of businesses, their energy usage is generally daytime usage as opposed to some households (probably the majority) where maximum electricity usage is at night – when the solar systems do not produce power.

There is a careful ‘balancing act’ required for many businesses when assessing their suitability for solar. Many businesses need to assess issues like

  • potential power rises
  • their current rate they pay for electricity
  • payback period
  • Government incentives
  • correct solar system sizing (obviously important where there is no feed in tariff payable). Getting the optimum sized solar system for the electricity consumed by the business.
We see more and more shopping centres around Adelaide with solar arrays mounted on utility buildings on their roofs. Some of these systems may be installed to ‘prove’ their ‘green’ credentials – the number of panels installed is often no more than 5Kwatts – probably sufficient to offset only a few percent of a shopping centres electricity usage during the daytime! However a number of energy intensive manufacturers in S.A. have benefitted significantly from solar installation.
Large Scale Solar Installation