It seems the ‘pendulum’ of Government support and endorsement for residential solar power systems is swinging back in favour of encouraging the uptake of solar. The Victorian Government announced yesterday that they had introduced regulatory changes that will allow solar installation companies to install solar systems at little or no cost onto home owners roofs. The householders, in return, would agree to purchase the solar energy produced by the newly installed solar panel imagesystem at an agreed price. In our opinion this is a very positive scheme if run properly. It should, in principal, stimulate the solar industry (or have the potential to do so), increase the number of homes with solar installed, and further reduce the reliance on grid supplied electricity generation and coal fired power production. Given that this is clearly a ‘long term’ proposition, it should, presumably, also encourage the installation of ‘high end’ solar systems that use recognised brand name solar panels and solar inverters. It should also bolster the ‘credentials’ of the solar installation industry as ‘long term players’. It will be interesting to see if the South Australian Government follows suit.