Ok, you have your solar system up and running and generating solar energy. The Adelaide solar installation company that you used have supplied (in writing) estimates of the power that your system should generate but how do you know if it is generating that power on a day to day basis? Many solar power system owners like to check regularly on their systems solar electric output to ensure it is working correctly and to give them an idea, on a real time, historic, and day to day basis, the variance in solar electric output of their solar system.

Most high quality inverters (and for that mater, even the ‘lower end’ inverters) allow for monitoring of the solar electric output, via generally speaking a monitoring kitsolar system monitoring which may incorporate a bluetooth interface that transmits the data from the solar inveter (energy produced v time of day, weekly, monthly etc) to a desktop display which can sit in your home. These displays will often allow for connection to a p.c. and the data can be downloaded and compiled, in, for example an excel spreadsheet so long term records of your systems solar electric output can be recorded, charted etc.

Other solar companies will interface your solar inverter to a wireless link that transmits the recorder solar output data of your system back to that companies servers which make the data available to you through their website. Wired solutions, where the data from inverter is sent via cabling is also an option, however in most solar installations the inverter will be installed near your homes meter box, so the cable might meet some considerable installation issues if it needs to be run through your homes’ walls to access your p.c. Most reputable inverters have monitoring software that you need to install on your p.c. It is worthwhile, in our opinion, to have the ability to easily check on the power that your solar system is producing to (at least)verify and ensure that the system is operating correctly and producing the kind of power levels expected from the system (obviously taking into account weather conditions).