The S.A. feed in tariff comprises (for eligible customers)16 cents / Kwh plus the so-called ‘minimum retailer contribution’ which is designed to ” reflect the fair and reasonable value to a retailer of electricity fed into the network”. This is currently 9.8 cents/kwh (making the 25.8cents/kwh (16+9.8) total feed in tariff currently available in Adelaide), but was due to increase to 11.2 cents/kwh from 1 July 2013 – good news for solar systemUpdate on Solar F.I.T. in S.A. May 2013 owners in Adelaide. However, on 28 March this year (2013) ESCOA (Essential Services Commission of South Australia) released a draft (to close 28 June 2013) proposing to maintain the 9.8 cents until the end of this year and not increase it to the 11.2 cents. The reasoning being that wholesale electricity pricing has decreased.

We will continue to monitor this with interest.  In our opinion, to date,  S.A. has ‘managed’ the solar feed in tariff probably better (as in more ‘consistently), than most other States in Australia. As discussed on the home page, the feed in tariff benefits solar system owners the most when their homes do not consume all of the power that their system produces, and ‘exports’ the excess solar power ‘back’ to the grid. People in Adelaide investing in small system (2KW etc) will, in many instances, use all of their generated power so the feed tariff is less relevant to them.