Interesting to see an Australian solar power manufacturer based in The Technology Park, north of Adelaide – Tindo.  They claim to have ‘The most beautiful solar panel in the world’ and very interestingly are producing their Karra-250 solar panel which outputs 250 V.A.C. (alternating current), via an inbuilt inverter as opposed to the ‘conventional’ direct current (D.C.) that most solar panels output. Their factory was opened by the Prime Minster Julia Gillard. It appears that they are (quite rightly, in our opinion) not trying to compete with the ‘low end’, low cost Chinese solar panels on the market, but trying to differentiate their products from their competitors on their benefits. We will follow Tindo with interest and hope that this becomes a South Australian solar success story. The video below (from the TindoSolar youtube channel) shows their some of their equipment in action.

(Note: We have no affiliation with Tindo in any way)