Again, we did our monthly round up of installed solar system pricing from 1.5 Kwatt to 5 Kwatt from several Adelaide solar power installers. Note – as discussed above, price is dependent on system component quality, warranty, supplier margins etc. There are many variables and this is only an indicative guide to prices we were quoted for an Adelaide solar power installation:
Adelaide 1.5 kwatt solar system $1700 – $3800
Adelaide 2.0 kwatt solar system $2300 – $4700
Adelaide 3.0 kwatt solar system   $2900 – $6900
Adelaide 4.0 kwatt solar system   $3700 – $9800
Adelaide 5.0 kwatt solar system   $4400 -$15,000+ (again, continuing the trend of previous months updates, the 5 Kilowatt systems market has seen the most downward price movement over the last 6 to 8 months – many companies are now seen offering systems under $5,000).
Key Point: Buying solar systems on price alone is not recommended! Recognising that properly installed solar systems using good quality components should operate for 20 to 25 years means that ‘upfront’ savings of a thousand dollars or so could potentially prove to be a false economy over the life of the system if the performance, quality of the system, installation and support is compromised. Dealing with a solar installer that is locally based, has a long track record of reliable solar installations with back up and maintenance if required is critical. Likewise, ensure that the solar panels and particularly the solar inverter has a strong Australian distributor that supports and honours the warranty provided. It is one thing to claim a “10 year replacement warranty” on solar components, but if there is not a decent distributorship for those products then any warranty may be worthless. Do your research first!